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Founded in 1967, AGABEKOV celebrated 52 years of activity in 2019, dedicated to the beautification of the city and enhancing the value of the most beautiful buildings. 52 years of ideas in the service of public institutions such as the Louvre in Paris, architects and builders, in the creation of highlighting effects for villas, hotels and corporate buildings that are among the most prestigious.

From the lighting of the Guernica tapestry in the Picasso workshop in Paris to the lighting architecture for the arch of the porch of Zagreb Cathedral, we work with the same passion from day one, and we see a rosy future with the advent of LED technology which produces exceptional lighting with very low energy consumption. We have patented and produce AGA-LED ourselves, a high-performance lighting system that is incomparably more economical than Xenon.

As an ever-evolving enterprise, AGABEKOV also offers a range of products for the home that are specifically designed for the beautification of interiors.

After 52 years in energy, invention and discovery in the exceptional universe of lighting at the service of architecture, we are signing on for the 21st century which will be luminous or it will be nothing at all!


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